Lisa Woods Washington


An avid tennis player, Lisa began playing the sport she loved as an adult. When she played, opponents were impressed with her wicked left-hand ground stroke and powerful serve, which impressed her father as he observed several of her matches on the sideline. Her teammates and on-court partners often heard Lisa remark, “Big girls can move too” when she ran down a shot.

Lisa surrounded herself with other tennis advocates, including many of her family and friends. One of her favorite past times was playing in the Atlanta adult leagues such as United States Tennis Association (USTA), the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association’s Women Doubles teams and Business Women Flex leagues or attending the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows with her family. Her daughter, Jandolyn, began playing tennis at age 11, and she currently is a member of her school’s tennis team.

Honoring her love for the game, the LWWF will support community-based youth tennis programs to promote the growth and development of future tennis stars in their own right. Support may include the development of tennis leagues or teams, exposure to the sport in underrepresented communities, youth coaching and tennis scholarship programs.

Lisa loved education. She was an astonishing learner, exemplified by the various career paths she achieved throughout her life. A graduate of Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in human ecology with honors, Lisa was an astute learner. Often teased by the various careers she pursued, Lisa showcased her talent for trying and mastering any desired subject.

As one of her career achievements, Lisa and her partner June Estelle ran a successful daycare center, Bundles of Blessing. Today, students from their center have achieved tremendous academic success. Two of their eldest students are presently attending Harvard University and Spelman College. All of their other students continue to maintain scholastic achievement in the various programs and schools they currently attend. They constantly attribute their success to the great foundation and love for learning they received under the tutorship of Lisa and June.

Focusing on scholastic achievement, LWWF will support programs that promote education and lifelong learners. Support may include teaching resources and tools, teacher honors, student achievers and academic scholarship programs.

Anyone who knew or even met Lisa just once would agree that she loved life. She embodied the essence of love, charity and a Godly spirit. An avid tennis player and educator of children, the LWWF offers service programs, which were important to Lisa. The foundation is a tribute to her life and the legacy she left to her family, friends and the numerous people she met throughout her life’s journey.