Educational Partner

LWWF has partnered up with Exceeding The Mark (ETM) to provide tutorial assistance for our children. You can read more about the organization below or visit their website at

About Exceeding The Mark

Founded in 2011 by two pediatricians, Exceeding The Mark (ETM) was developed to encourage, educate and empower youth to achieve their optimal potential. The goal of ETM is to serve as a source of empowerment for youth by guiding them to utilize their God-given talents to fulfill their God-given visions.

Mission And Goals

Exceeding The Mark (ETM) is guided by the call to encourage, educate and empower youth to: fulfill their God-given visions; utilize their God-given talents; achieve their optimal potential; and believe in that which seems impossible.

ETM is guided by Christian principles and delivers programs that meet the spiritual and educational needs of youth, empowers and engages parents in the education of their children, and establishes community support for all aspects of youth development. Exceeding The Mark provides seven unique programs to address the needs of underserved youth and their families.